define.Mini sessions in photography are short photography sessions, usually around 20 minutes each. In contrast to a regular photo session, a mini session is typically lower in price and shorter in duration.

For Halou Photography a mini session in 30 min shooting session with a lower amount of images. You keep the same great quality we provide but in a bite sized affordable way.

A mini session is a set location, set dates and set times.

It makes it economical for you our clients but it keeps us being able to run profitably and sustainably.

Mother Day Minis 2023

We have done anyway with the styled set we are seeing mastered by all your local photographers and going back to the basics.

This years Mothers Day Mini Sessions will basically be a Standard Family Session condensed to 30 mins and back to back to make it affordable for all families.

Embracing the beautiful nature that surrounds Brisbane we have created three sessions. Beach, Creek and Thinking Tree.

Each just as beautiful as each other. Interactive nature scenes featuring your family.

There will be one scene for that will be a little more stylised with the highly loved and requested clothesline scene which will be set up at the "thinking tree" set.

the dates

The Beach Session - Sunday 19th March From 3:00PM - 6:00PM.

The Creek Session - Saturday 25th March 2:00PM - 5:00PM

The Thinking Tree Session - Sunday Sunday 16th April 3:00PM - 6:00PM. 

Our Process


Contact and Planning

Once you contact us you will be sent a information pack regarding your session with suggested dates and locations




You will receive an email once you have decided your date and spot. This email will have your CONTRACT, QUESTIONNAIRE AND QUOTE.

You will need to accept the quote which will turn into an invoice.

This will have payment details. We only accept bank transfer. Once the deposit is received you will receive a confirmation with an informational email about your session and time



You will receive a reminder of the session 3 days out from the session.

Simply come along at your allotted time and get ready for some wholesome fun.


Gallery and prints

you will receive a gallery between 30 and 100 watermarked images.

Select your allotted favourite images and download from those images using the code allocated.

If you have chosen a print package you will receive a coupon code to buy your printed items along with your downloads

at this Time you are welcome to purchase extra images or your full gallery