I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle.

Vincent Van Gogh


Newborn Sessions

Each Session provides all wraps, creative natural props and baby led posing techniques.

designed to be unique to your family and story newborn sessions incorporate linen wrapping and posing as well the purity of natural interactions.

In Home

Capturing the beauty of a newborn baby in their home environment has become a Halou Photography art form.

In home sessions are beautiful to capture the families natural flow in their comfortable home environment, while creating a little less stress of needing to go somewhere.


Studio Session can work a little bit faster than a home as it has consistent lighting and scenes set up with a flow in mind.

The studio is temperature controlled and set in Hannahs home in Carseldine.

Showcasing the art in you

Capturing the connection of love.

Capturing the connection of love.



Will You Guide Me?

Absolutely! We will do some natural movements and bounce ideas off each other. Thats what I'm here for to help you with the poses and incorporate your ideas!

We will take things slow so you can feed and sooth baby. I am here to support you and capture the moment.

I have had two babies myself and know the physical toll birth can take.

What Should I Bring During the Shoot?

As a general rule matching undergarments, neutral colours and soft fabrics. Avoided "cupped" things or wires it leaves marks and bumps.

A "over sized" boyfriend business shirt it looks super cute If you want some skin on skin photos but want to stay modest.

I will bring wraps and outfits for baby but I suggest pulling some special items, generational blankets, tokens of the family traditions you want to build

Should I Have My Hair and Makeup Done?

You can if that makes you feel more comfortable. Personally I do a basic coverage but thats just how I feel about my skin.

also cudos to you if you do!

If you want to look glamorous go hard, if you love your natural face do that!

I don't provide hair and make up however.

When Is the Best Time To Do The Shoot Baby?

Under 1 month. the younger the squishy and easier to move.

They also change soooooop much day to day. documenting those little birth marks that fade, the flakey skin, umbilical cords all the tales of birth are amazing to have remembered

Time of day Sunrise or sunset in general however a in home session. Start taking notice of when the best light comes into your house.
depending on its positioning and what rooms you love the most you will see where the light comes in.

Studio sessions whatever time of day. I have lights.

How do I book?

Simply follow the link below to contact me.

We will find the best time and location for you.

In order to lock in your booking you must accept you, quote, answer the questionnaire and pay your deposit. No date is held until these three things have been done.

How do you keep us safe?

Having a new baby can be a bit axiety ridding and part of our role as parents is to protect our children and the people we bring around them.

I have my blue card and fully vaccinated - your choice to vaccinate is yours, I have my reasons to and you have your reason, our bodies our choices is my motto.

I also don't do traditional baby wrapping, im not trained in it, I won't do it. I do baby led posing - which I fully believe is a internet coined term, basically I follow you and babies rythems.