Welcome, I am Hannah

Meet the Photographer


let me tell you mine..

My name is Hannah. I’m 30 something years old, a self-taught photographer, manic coffee drinker, mum and fur mum.

I know South East Queensland has many talented family photographers to choose from and I appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little about me.
I believe my passion, creative heart and love for working with mums, dad, families babies shows in all my photos!

I’m quite down to earth and sarcastic. I love random chats about life, traveling and creating art. I have next to no photos of myself but forever chasing my babies to document every last minute. I'm also pretty obsessed with black and white images.


Outside of trying to tick a list of must get and expected shots I want life and seasons to inspire my photography.

I want to run through orange leaves in the air in autumn, find foggy fields with knitted wooly jumpers in winter, dive into water and have over cooked beach adventures in summer and pick all the flowers in the fields through out spring.

I want to create memories, to capture with your family and stay inspired. Build blanket forts, bake cakes and capture not only the cute outfits but the casual singlet and comfy pant look.

I spend my "spare" time researching camera techniques, stalking endless Pinterest boards and other creatives who inspire a slower way of life. I practice wrapping baby skills and research how different fabrics are made. I love connected parenting podcasts and learning hacks on how to sooth a baby whole heartedly. I love watching endless hours of YouTube about alternative living and how to create a whole centred approach to babies and child rearing. I love finding out how to hold babies correctly and the biological reasons why something works. I love finding new facts about the chemistry of skin on skin and what breast milk can do outside of just feed a baby. I love learning about how contact napping is biologically normal and wasn't just me being to lazy to get up and do anything else.

I also shoot weddings!

All fazes of life I capture and weddings is up there with the big moments! Wedding and Elopement Photography is completely different to family photography! Its the marathon that all the family, newborns and mommas train me for.